Month: November 2018

Improving your intonation with Lyrics: Chunking & Chanting

PART I: Chunking We will apply what we learnt about Intonation & Stress: Pick one of the following Lyrics and print it out: A1: What can I do (The Corrs) – Lyrics A2: Enjoy the silence (Depeche Mode) – Lyrics B1: Spending my time (Roxette) – Lyrics B2: Dear Jessie (Madonna) – Lyrics C1: Brand new day (Sting) – Lyrics Mark all the pauses […]


Relative Clauses II

Below there is a presentation on the use of Relative Pronouns & Clauses for pre-intermediate and intermediate ESL students:  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. Gap-Fill exercise: Relative Clauses Quiz: Relative Clauses Below there’s a handout on Relative Clauses for more advanced students:  EXERCISES: As for the grammar, you might want to […]


Types of Questions

First, please review the different Types of Questions with this handout. Then complete the following worksheet on Grammar Questions After that, Make Questions in different verb tenses. Finally, there is this online Questions Exercise to enhance what you have learned. For further practice: Make questions with this Writing Practice exercise. SONG: Domino Dancing (Pet Shop Boys) – Wh Words