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Household Chores

Here’s a WebPage with Household Chores Vocabulary: Below there’s a video clip on Housework: EXERCISES: Make 10 sentences in Simple Present (what you normally do). Make 10 sentences in Present Continuous (what you’re doing now). Make 10 sentences using the Imperative (what you tell a family member to do).


Adverbs of Frequency & Manner

Remember the basic structure of a sentence in English: SUBJECT + (FREQUENCY/GRAMMAR ADVERB) + VERB + INDIRECT OBJECT + DIRECT OBJECT + ADVERBS (PLACE/TIME/MANNER)  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. EXERCISES: Adverbs of Frequency: Ordering sentences (28 sentences). Adverbs of Manner: Fill in the blanks + Rewrite the sentences. For more advanced practice, […]


Simple Past

PART I: The -ed ending Let’s start off by reviewing how to add the different Endings to a word. Then we can review the pronunciation of the regular past forms with he following handout: How to pronounce the -ed ending PART II: Simple Past We shall look at and discuss the following presentation on the Simple […]