Retelling a story

  • Read the following handout on capitalization, punctuation, and the use of similes & metaphors:

    Alternatively, you can browse the PDF file here.

  • GRAPHIC ORGANISERS: The following diagrams can help you outline the main parts of the story you want to re-tell.


Listen to the song Solo ( here’s a link to the Video-clip) and then re-tell the story in writing. Use the template below as a guide to complete an essay of about 150 words addressing the following questions:

  • What happened before the story in the song?
  • How does she feel? Why?
  • What has she been doing?
  • What does she want?
  • What is she going to do?

Here’s a link to the lyrics:  Solo (Clean Bandit feat. Demi Lovato) 


Use the template below as a guide to complete a spontaneous speech (i.e. DO NOT READ). Try to include as much of the grammar & vocabulary displayed as you can. You can also design your own Speaking Template for this exercise, then tape yourself and aim for a 4-minute, non-stop speech.

Grammar Vocabulary
Narrative Tenses

Modal Verbs

Future Tenses

Nominal Relative Clauses

to get laid / to screw up / to cheat on someone

to be horny / to be turned on / to feel lonely

to break someone’s heart / would rather / to feel like + ING

to feel like a fool / to dwell on things

can’t help / to miss like crazy

to play with herself / to give up