IT in children’s education


Read this article on Nanny cams in Silicon Valley and answer the following questions:

  • Do you agree with these parents’ view on education? Are they hypocrites?
  • Are the nannys’ rights been jeopardised by the use of Nanny cams?
  • To what extent can technology be beneficial / harmful for our children?
  • Has there been a paradigm shift in the way we use technology?


Use the template below as a guide to either complete an essay or a speech. Try to include as much of the grammar & vocabulary displayed as you can. As for your spontaneous speech (i.e. DO NOT READ), tape yourself and aim for a 5-minute, non-stop speech.

Grammar Vocabulary

There is + Narrative Tenses

Should + Passive voice

Future Perfect

Nominal Relative Clauses

Hinder one’s privacy / Mis(use) of the footage

In the trade off between A and B…

To be tagged / Upload images

Privacy settings / Parental Control

Personal profile / Promote IT skills

Prevent from browsing adult content

To be totally against… / In X years’ time

To some extent… / A turning point

When it comes to… / As for…

Pass a new labour bill to… / The downside is…

Attention spam / To be hooked on

Live up to expectations / Do as I say…