Month: January 2020

Prepositions of Time & Place

We shall look at and discuss the following presentation on Prepositions in class: Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. Here’s a video clip to master Prepositions of Time & Place: Below there’s a video clip to learn about Prepositions of Place & Movement: EXERCISES: Test your knowledge with this exercise on Prepositions. SONG: I […]


Dates & Figures

Here’s a WebPage to show you the basics on Dates&Figures in English: Check this video clip to learn about Ordinal Numbers. And here’s a video clip to learn how to say the date in English. EXERCISES: Practise reading Numbers out loud with a partner. Matching exercise: How to read numbers Then complete the following Maths Handout […]


Modal Verbs I

Below there is a presentation on the use of Modal Verbs for pre-intermediate ESL students:  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. I also include a summary with examples:  SONGS: If you ever (East 17 feat. Gabrielle) – Modal Verbs (A2) Words (The Christians) – Modal Verbs (A2) Big girls don’t cry (Fergie) – […]