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Vocabulary handouts

News Articles

Check this WebSite for detailed instructions to write a News Article. For general articles, take a look at the following Handout:  Take a look at this handout on how to write Statistical Reports.  EXERCISES: Fill in this news article about British politics. Complete this Gap-Filling Exercise with multiple options. Check the following WebSite for breaking news […]


Restaurant Reviews & Recipes

RESTAURANT REVIEWS Here’s a Website with tips to write a Restaurant review. Then you can check this Example of a review. RECIPES Once you’re done, check this Website with lots of vocabulary pertaining to recipes. There are also these Useful Cooking Verbs in English. Matching Exercise with words associated with cooking. TRANSITIONS AND LINKING WORDS […]


Household Chores

Here’s a WebPage with Household Chores Vocabulary: Below there’s a video clip on Housework: EXERCISES: Make 10 sentences in Simple Present (what you normally do). Make 10 sentences in Present Continuous (what you’re doing now). Make 10 sentences using the Imperative (what you tell a family member to do).


Quantifiers II

You can start by reviewing Quantity Expressions I. We shall review the following presentation on Quantifiers in class:  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. Below there’s a video clip on Collective Nouns: EXERCISES: Review the basics with this gap-fill exercise on Quantifiers. Gap-fill exercise: Quantifiers. Complete the following quiz on Quantity Expressions, which includes […]