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Advanced Plus


Here’s a website with a video clip plus some Mediation Exercises: Practise using the following Vocabulary: Social Issues EXERCISES: Mediation Samples (A1): Can / Can’t Verbs of preference Can / Can’t Present Continuous Mediation: A healthy lifestyle (B1) Mediation: Crimes in Spain in 2015 (B2.1) Mediation Samples: Letter of Advice & Product brochure (B2.1)


Mixed Conditionals

First, you can review the different types of Conditionals here. You can also review Conditional III. Then, we shall review the Mixed Conditionals structure and uses in class:  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. EXERCISES: Click on the following link to learn more about Mixed Conditionals. Quiz on Mixed Conditionals. SONG: If God was one of […]