Category: C1.1


News Articles

Check this WebSite for detailed instructions to write a News Article. For general articles, take a look at the following Handout:  Take a look at this handout on how to write Statistical Reports.  EXERCISES: Fill in this news article about British politics. Complete this Gap-Filling Exercise with multiple options. Check the following WebSite for breaking news […]



Here’s a website with a video clip plus some Mediation Exercises: Practise using the following Vocabulary: Social Issues EXERCISES: Mediation Samples (A1): Can / Can’t Verbs of preference Can / Can’t Present Continuous Mediation: A healthy lifestyle (B1) Mediation: Crimes in Spain in 2015 (B2.1) Mediation Samples: Letter of Advice & Product brochure (B2.1)


Reporting Verbs & Reported Speech

We shall look at and discuss the following summary on Reported Speech structure and use in class:  For a more in-depth study of Reported Speech:  Click on the following link to learn more about Reporting Verbs. EXERCISES: Reported Statements: Present Simple Reported Statement Exercise Present Continuous Reported Statement Exercise Past Simple Reported Statement […]