Speaking Template

This is a print-out you can use to plan your oral activities, keep record of the relevant grammar and vocabulary we need to use for each one of them, and keep track of all the oral exercises you do throughout the year. Click on the following link: Speaking Practice.


Listen to the song Spending my Time ( here’s the link to the Video-clip) and then re-tell the story in writing. Use the template below as a guide to complete an essay of about 150 words addressing the following questions:

  • What happened before the story in the song?
  • How does she feel? Why?
  • Where is she? What is she doing?
  • What does she want?

Here’s the link to the lyrics:  Spending my time (Roxette) 


Use the template below as a guide to complete a spontaneous speech (i.e. DO NOT READ). Try to include as much of the grammar & vocabulary displayed as you can. You can also design your own Speaking Template for this exercise, then tape yourself and aim for a 2-minute, non-stop speech.

Grammar Vocabulary

Present Simple

Present Continuous

Simple Past

to break up / to miss / to think about

to be idle / to be bored / to feel desperate

would like to / would prefer to / to feel like + ING

to be bitter / to cheer someone up

to waste time + ING / to watch old films

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