Day: October 15, 2018

Reading numbers

First, print out the quiz and cut the paper in half along the vertical line. You will need a partner to complete this speaking exercise. Simply read series of numbers out loud to your partner, who will need to write them all down, then switch roles and compare notes. Click on the following link: Numbers Quiz […]


Present Continuous

We shall review the Present Continuous structure and uses in class:  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. To learn how to add the -ing ending, please check this presentation: Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. EXERCISES:. Then test yourself with this Exercise. Make sentences using the following vocabulary:  Leisure & Hobbies Learn new words with […]


Speaking Template

This is a print-out you can use to plan your oral activities, keep record of the relevant grammar and vocabulary we need to use for each one of them, and keep track of all the oral exercises you do throughout the year. Click on the following link: Speaking Practice. WRITING EXERCISE: Listen to the song Spending my […]