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Connecting speech A1/A2

Here’s a presentation on the use of Linking words in connected speech. As for writing, you can print out the following doc handout on TRANSITIONS, which you can complete with additional linking words that you may come across. Below there’s a video clip to learn how to use linking words when you speak or write:


English vowels, consonants & diphthongs

We shall look at and discuss the following presentation on the English Sounds in class:  You can download an interactive Phonemic Chart here (with sound). EXERCISES: Click on the following links to access a handout on English sounds (vowels, diphthongs and consonants), and then complete the English sounds exercise. Check what you’ve learned with these online exercises: Vowel […]


Present Continuous

We shall review the Present Continuous structure and uses in class:  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. To learn how to add the -ing ending, please check this presentation:  Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here. EXERCISES:. Then test yourself with this Exercise. Make sentences using the following vocabulary:  Leisure & Hobbies Learn new words […]