Comparing people

Read the information below and write a comparison between your two best friends in the picture:


Sonia David
27 años


Tímida y callada

35 años


Amable y extrovertido

Habla ruso e inglés

Trabaja 5 días a la semana

1 hija

Habla francés

Trabaja 6 días a la semana

2 hijos


Sonia is younger than David, but he doesn't look a lot older. 
Sonia is as attractive as David.
David's hair is a lot shorter than Sonia's. Her hair is fairer.
Sonia is more intelligent than him, but he is better at building things. 
However, I think that Sonia earns more money than him because she has a better job.
David is nicer and more fun to be with, because Sonia is shyer.
Sonia speaks more languages than David, and she works less days a week.
David has more kids than Sonia, so I guess he's busier than her.

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