Simple Future tenses

    • Let’s start off by checking out a Summary of the uses of the Future Simple Tenses.
    • Here’s a clip on the use of the most frequent future simple tenses, Going to vs. Will:

  • We shall look at and discuss the following presentation on the Future Simple Tenses structure and uses in class:

Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here.


MY NEXT HOLIDAYS: Use the template below as a guide to complete a spontaneous speech (i.e. DO NOT READ). Try to include as much of the grammar & vocabulary displayed as you can. You can also design your own Speaking Template for this exercise, then tape yourself and aim for a 2-minute, non-stop speech.

Grammar Vocabulary

London, fly on 18/12/18

Stay in / Arrive at / Get to / Arrive in (return)

Eat out / visit the British Museum


Go sightseeing / go to a concert / buy tickets to a musical

Go shopping / meet new people / go for a walk

Take a tour on a double-decker


The weather

Send photos

Have fun / buy a souvenir

Think probably best holiday


Plane arrives in Seville at…

A modern, 5-star hotel

Pick up at the airport (cab)

Expensive, romantic restaurant (atmosphere)

The Rosetta Stone


High street / Billy Elliot / Big Ben / the London Eye / St. Paul’s / Buckingham Palace / Tower Bridge

Hyde Park / Portobello Road & Camden Town




Sunny and bright / foggy and cloudy

Text / email

Because fall in love


Xmas’ eve


MY NEXT HOLIDAYS: Here’s a sample letter telling a friend about your trip to London.

Alternatively, you can download the PDF file here.