Simple Future Forms

Gap-fill exercise: Future Forms

Fill in all the gaps with a suitable Future Form, then press "Check" to check your answers. You can click on the hint button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
Sara: Hey, Anna! How’s your day going?
Anna: Good! My mum and I are the family holiday. [to plan / Arrangement]
Sara: Excellent! Where are you ? [to go / Arrangement]
Anna: Well, listen to this! We to Thailand with British Airways! [to fly / Arrangement] But we don't know how to get to the airport...
Sara: Don't worry, I you a lift. [to give / Instant Decision]
Anna: But please do not forget to pick me up.
Sara: I promise I there. When are you leaving? [to be / Promise]
Anna: In two months’ time. We on 8 May. [to leave / Arrangement]
Sara: How are you to the hotel? [to get / Arrangement]
Anna: .
Sara: Oh. And are you in Bangkok for a few days? [to stay / Arrangement]
Anna: We don't know yet. We're probably the main sights and then go elsewhere. [to see / Plan]
Sara: What else are you ? [to do / Plan]
Anna: We around the country. [to travel / Plan] I think we a great time! [to have / Wild Prediction]
Sara: It sounds brilliant! Are all your family with you? [to go / Plan or Arrangement]
Anna: Yes! But it’s a bit expensive. Dad almost fainted when he heard how much we for the holiday package. [to pay / Arrangement]
Sara: I can imagine! I hope you have a great time there!