Passive VS. Causative

Gap-fill exercises

Read the instructions and complete the following exercises. Then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
Replace the expressions in bold with passive verb constructions:
1. The payrise is under discussion .
2. Our pensions are under review .
3. A new hospital is under construction .
4. Talks to end the strike are in progress .
5. The minister is under suspicion of corruption.
6. The group's movements have been under scrutiny .
7. The former leader is under arrest .
8. The government is under attack from opponents.
Rewrite these sentences using a passive form:
1. Women won the right to vote after a hard struggle.
2. Many celebrities support the anti-fur campaign.
3. We are still fighting modern day slavery.
4. Has the government given people with disabilities equal rights?
5. We should tighten these laws.
6. The hurricane forecast advised people to leave their homes.
Choose the correct option:
1. The riots in the city centre appear/are appeared to have abated.
2. A new electoral system is under/is being proposed.
3. During the initial imposition of/impose martial law, many arrests were made.
4. Reporters uncovered that the minister has been/had been previously charged with drink driving.
5. The protester who was injured during the protest has since died/is since died in hospital.
6. The terms and conditions of the employment contract are currently being under review/being reviewed.
Rewrite these sentences using nouns to replace the passive form:
1. The posters were obliterated by feminists.
of the posters.
2. Hundreds of jobs will be lost when the factory is closed.
of the factory.
3. The environment is being destroyed at an alarming rate.
at an alarming rate.
4. Women are still not paid equally in many industries.
in many industries.
5. Being made redundant at fifty is a problem for many breadwinners.
for many breadwinners.
Using this exercise as a model, rewrite the sentences of this other exercise in a different way:
1. Although the children were young, the photographer .
2. There were only a few volunteers, but they worked hard and .
3. The animal welfare campaign .
4. The asylum seekers .
5. The schoolteacher .
6. The coastguard .
Choose the correct words:
1. The poor got/have hit hardest by the crisis.
2. The friendly counsellor soon had the children talked/talking about their ordeal.
3. The website got/had people to think about the issue.
4. I have had/been my faith in humanity restored.
5. The minister got the law to protect animals passed/passing.
6. The company will have a lawyer investigate/investigated the employee's claim.
7. The volunteer doctors had/got all the parents to bring their children to the clinic.
One word in each of these sentences is incorrect. Write the correct ones next to the sentences:
1. You need to got a responsible person to sign the back of your new passport photo.
2. Before I'll let you go out, you need to get your politics homework did.
3. Before you accept them on the volunteer programme, have the students explained why they want to do it.
4. I can't get he to tell me what happened to him on his journey to the refugee camp.
5. She had her application to work for the aid agency accepting.
6. Before the monsoon season comes, we need to get the villagers' roofs fix.
7. The refugee have all his possessions taken from him.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in bold. DO NOT change the word given. You must use between THREE and EIGHT words, including the word given:
1. They say this was the biggest humanitarian crisis in a decade. said
This the biggest humanitarian crisis in a decade.
2. The dog had suffered bad treatment at the hands of its owner. badly
The dog its owner.
3. The group's website was shut down by the authorities. had
The group by the authorities.
4. The new shelter for the homeless has not yet been completed. under
The new shelter for the homeless is .
5. Imprisoning the suspect without trial was a violation of her human rights. were
The when she was imprisoned without trial.