Cloze Test

Fill in all the gaps using the words provided below, then press "Check" to check your answers. There are two extra words which you do not need to use:
more - less - in - lovely - than - as - my - cheaper - because - the - of - like - with - although - incredible - bit
San Francisco is a city in a beautiful bay. It has lots great buildings and places. It's smaller and much modern than London, but it's interesting. London has a lot of theatres and museums. The Americans are more interested money than culture. The architecture in London is and very stimulating, and the parks and markets are wonderful. London isn't as dangerous as San Francisco, and it's less violent. I feel much safer living here -nobody carries a gun, not even police.
People have a higher standard of living in the States , generally, it's less expensive than England. For example, petrol is less than half the price and things food, clothes, and cameras are much . It's a shopper's paradise and I always spend a fortune when I go back. It's a more expensive to rent a flat in London and bills are bigger.
So my salary in London is the same it was in the States, I have to work harder to get the same quality of life as I had before.